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Effective communication is the solution to most internal and external conflicts we experience. Whether it is a disagreement with a partner or colleague, or  emotionally exploding internally or externally,  improving the way we listen and respond to ourselves and others is crucial to the success of our professional and personal relationships.  I provide simple and practical solutions to improve or learn new communication styles, create relationship satisfaction and increase self-confidence professionally and personally.

My business was founded and created by working with hundreds of couples to learn how to be successful in their relationship or marriage.   Most relationships suffer from poor communication and lack of connection left feeling misunderstood and a "they just don't get me" feeling.  Instead of finding solutions, couples begin using unhealthy habits such as cheating, withdrawing, punishing, withholding sex or affection from their partner to control each other in an attempt to get what they want.  Other times, one or both in the relationship will just give up and want out of the marriage or relationship because they have had enough.  Too much fighting?  Too Angry?  Not enough time in the day to deal with your partner?  I have a simple and direct approach, which allows me to pinpoint the root of couple issues efficiently so as to empower you both to take control of your life today.
Benefits to working with me?
• Feel more in control of yourself and learn how to articulate what you are feeling/thinking instead of reacting.  Stop letting others push your buttons!
• Reduce stress, frustration, anger and anxiety by learning simple, clear and effective skills that focus on solutions not blame.   
• Deepen your relationship connections through effective communication that actually works.

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