5 Ways To Improve Your Communication Starting Today

Many people have experienced communication issues in most areas of their life such as the workplace, friendships, families, and relationships or even at the grocery store. We cannot not communicate. Even when we silence our mouths from talking we are still communicating more than ever. So why is communication one of the toughest skills to become good at? Why when we speak are we not being heard? Poor communication can become very frustrating and lead to mild or serious relational problems.

Here are some ideas on how you can begin to improve your communication starting today!

1. Talk LESS

• What? Yes. Listen. The more you listen the better communicator you will become.

2. Repeat

• After you have been listening, repeat back what you “think” you just heard.

3. Don’t “assume”

• After you have listened then repeated back, don’t assume the meaning in what you heard. Instead, share what you think you heard and if this is the message they are trying to convey.

4. Get physical

• Pay attention to what your body is saying. Do you look bored or lazy? Or does your body suggest you are alert, leaning forward, open arms so as to say, “I’m listening”.

5. iNothing

• When someone is trying to share something with you, stay off your iPhone, iPad, smart phones because nothing says “I can multi-task while you speak because what you are saying is not that important” so choose what is most important to you.

Last, be kind to yourself and know that great communication skills take practice practice practice! Pretty soon you will notice an improvement in your communication skills especially the next time it is your turn to speak.