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the focus of my practice

In my early career as a therapist I worked with a variety of ages and client issues ranging form kids, couples, families and adults in Chicago. My clients were from a variety of settings, religions and ethnic groups. Over some time I began to find two common sources of issues that were not being focused on enough. One, therapy does not have to be complicated in fact many people respond quicker with a direct and simple approach to getting help. Focusing on your present issues and how to begin changing them today can feel more manageable and empowering to get you going in the direction of your goals.  

The other issue I noticed that was not being addressed enough was that of communication. It is a term that is over used and really an obvious needed skill. However, most people assume or believe that they can communicate effectively. If they do have issues in their life with others it is easy to blame or assume it has little to do with our own communication styles.  

Learning how to communicate things not only to others but to ourselves is important to feeling happy and empowered again. I teach couples and individuals the importance and the art of effective communication. Although many individuals may be successful at communicating at work or with friends, why is it that communicating is still a challenge in other parts of their life? This is where I come in, to help you learn how to be a successful communicator in all areas of your life. 

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My professional background

My educational background includes a bachelors degree in Communication Studies from the University of San Diego and a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling form Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. I began my career as a therapist in Chicago working for hospitals and mental health agencies where I worked with issues such as severe trauma, substance abuse, complex and co-occuring mental health issues and psychological evaluations in emergency rooms. Several years ago, I created and opened a successful private practice Mind Balance, Inc where I began working with couples and teens in a neighborhood outside of Chicago. During this time I also was invited to return back to teach in the same program I attended through at Roosevelt University’s graduate program for clinical counselors.

Recently, I relocated to Redondo Beach, CA wanting to come back home to southern California to open a second location and continue my passion in working with couples and teens. My Chicago office has now become an online teletherapy office where I continue to work with many Chicago clients online.  

My style of therapy

After working with a variety of individuals, issues and ages what I have learned over the years is that people suffer most from the lack of knowing how to effectively communicate. By the time many clients come to see me they are usually feeling sad, anxious, angry or frustrated to name a few symptoms. Through the use of Choice Theory Therapy I have a simple, direct and warm style of providing therapy.  

Choice Theory Therapy is more about teaching clients how to focus on what they can do personally to make their lives better starting today. It empowers individuals to manage their emotions, reactions and learn how to make choices that will get them where they want to be instead of focusing on what they cannot control.  

Some of my current and past clients say “you never tell me what to do Rose, but some how you are able to help me realize what I can or need to do”. I have a warm and direct way of providing therapy meaning I’m professional but laid back. I will not beat around the bush but will call out issues as I get to know you and see them. The sooner we figure out what is going wrong we can start making those things right for you. Through our relationship building you will also learn what effective communication looks like, sounds like and be able to practice your style in a laid back atmosphere with me. Most of clients laugh at my goofy humor at times, understanding that therapy is not all serious talk and listening all the time. I aim to provide a therapy experience to feel like you are with an unbiased friend that is experienced, dedicated, and innovative in helping you find ways to meet your goals starting today.    

I am bi-cultural and bilingual speaking fluent Spanish.