One of the top reasons divorce happens is the lack of connection and intimacy. You can love someone so deeply and have the greatest intentions for your relationship, for him/her, and for how you will dedicate yourself to the relationship but if both of you are not willing to create connection and intimacy you will […]

Here is another article I am cited in as an expert in couples therapy in  In this article I contribute to some warning signs you can look for that indicate your relationship may need help or may be over.   These are “warning signs” not doom and gloom its ready to give up signs.  It […]

Building trust with someone new or from our past can be a challenging task.  Especially if you have given trust a try and it has not ended well.  In my last blog post about trust, I wrote about why trusting ourselves is the probably the most important step to learn how to trust others read […]

Here is an article I contributed to in which includes tips to implement into your relationship and habits to avoid to reduce the likelihood of cheating in your relationship.

Last week I began the topic of trust as it pertains to relationships  In couples counseling, trust is most likely going to be an issue up for discussion. Most couples come in with an idea of what they believe trust is, or better yet how trust should feel. However, trust is not entirely a feeling. […]

“I thought without a doubt I could trust this person”.  The topic of trust in relationships is something that comes up at virtually every session with my clients.  How can I trust him or her again?  I hear this question come up frequently as a couples therapist and relationship expert.  I have worked with a […]

Lets talk about Sex! What does your relationships’ sex life really say about you? Some of you may have read about research done by Society for Personality and Social Psychology finding that romantic couples having sex once a week were just as happy as those couples having sex several times a week. However, even couples that […]

Many parents may roll their eyes when they here a teenager say “I’m so stressed out”. The first thing an adult may think is “whatdo you have to be stressed out about?”. As adults our minds go immediately to our jobs, money issues, car breaking down, mortgage etc. So what can teens so stressed out […]

For some, parenting teens can be exhausting and frustrating at times.  Many times you can find yourself drained of energy and feel like you’ve tried it all to no avail.  This is a danger zone to get into as a parent.  Some parents may be tempted to feel like they want to quit on their […]

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