Lets talk about Sex! What does your relationships’ sex life really say about you? Some of you may have read about research done by Society for Personality and Social Psychology finding that romantic couples having sex once a week were just as happy as those couples having sex several times a week. However, even couples that […]

Many parents may roll their eyes when they here a teenager say “I’m so stressed out”. The first thing an adult may think is “whatdo you have to be stressed out about?”. As adults our minds go immediately to our jobs, money issues, car breaking down, mortgage etc. So what can teens so stressed out […]

For some, parenting teens can be exhausting and frustrating at times.  Many times you can find yourself drained of energy and feel like you’ve tried it all to no avail.  This is a danger zone to get into as a parent.  Some parents may be tempted to feel like they want to quit on their […]

Some people enjoy going to couples counseling for tune-ups or just to be proactive and learn new relationship skills.  However, most of us don’t “want” to go to counseling because it can mean we are failing at something or it just sounds so painful.  Not all counselors are created the same.  Finding a professional counselor […]

Many people have experienced communication issues in most areas of their life such as the workplace, friendships, families, and relationships or even at the grocery store. We cannot not communicate. Even when we silence our mouths from talking we are still communicating more than ever. So why is communication one of the toughest skills to […]