Running your business is hard enough without employees, managers, or owners working against you. You wouldn’t think couples therapy tools can help you in the workplace environment, but you’d be wrong! For years I’ve extracted techniques used in couples counseling and molded it into a skill set that will help interacting in the workplace run smoothly.

You can’t always predict what problems will arise with managers or team members within your business. New or veteran employees might begin displaying issues that are difficult to manage within a working environment. Hiring, training, and integrating new people can be very costly... So, what do you do? You call me!

I have used my therapy experience to help many companies’ owners and managers solve behavior and communication problems that are damaging their business. This short-term treatment directly focuses on fast & lasting solutions to bring your workplace behavioral costs to zero.

Happy People; Happy Business; Happy Everyone! 

♦ Unmotivated or Minimal Effort Employees
♦ Inappropriate Use of Company Equipment
♦ Workplace Bullying
♦ Angry Employees & Leaders
♦ Sexual Harassment
♦ Passive Aggressiveness
♦ Discrimination
♦ Superiority

♦ Loss of Productivity
♦ Financial losses
♦ Legal Issues
♦ Falling Employee Retention
♦ Stress Related Mistakes
♦ Time Theft
♦ Internal Dissent

Fix these problems before they cripple your business:

Ignoring even the smallest issues can lead to untrackable losses such as:


Participants Will:
a. Learn how many businesses manage their workers unsuccessfully

b. Discover how to harness their leadership style and identify what is not working

c. Learn a new psychology on helping them develop a successful leadership style

d. Learn how to keep your best workers happy and wanting to do give their best each day without you asking, punishing or bribing.

e. Learn how to eliminate your stress as a leader by identifying the things you are losing energy on daily and how to turn this around.

f. Learn how to be the leader that your workers respect, trust, and want to emulate.

1-Day Intensive Workshop
(Small Group Format - On or Offsite)

One on One - Concierge or Onsite


Learn to increase cultural awareness, knowledge, and communication to develop teamwork and an inclusive work environment. Promoting cultural diversity information in your business helps reduce civil rights violations and it increases satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. Happy employees are immeasurably more productive.

One-on-one is designed to include the information learned at my one day workshop spread out over several meetings with more in depth information and advanced training tailored to specifically meet your business needs. This service allows me to visit and observe your business and possibly meet some of your workers to help develop a more personalized plan for you as a leader. 

Merging two partners, ideas, or businesses into a new one is similar to getting married. Learning how to communicate, meet each others needs, meet each others needs, and develop new common goals all sounds easy to do but many times this step in a merger can actually ruin a business before it starts.  This service is provided either at my office in Redondo Beach, CA, at your attorneys office during negotiations, or at your place of business depending on the needs and availability.

    My Service helps these processes by:

a. Easing the merging process of two businesses by learning how to communicate and prioritize with each other

b. Create a common goal

c. Determine your new roles and why

d. Learn to communicate effectively for results

e. Learn to lead merging workers as a united front

With my BA in Communication Studies from the University of San Diego, and Masters in Clinical Counseling from Roosevelt University, I have the skills directly needed to correct your hostile workplace environment. Having a background in a variety of therapy, and also being bi-lingual allows me to work with a broader spectrum of individuals. I am adamant on communication and love teaching people how to live successful lives using simple communication skills. I very much look forward to working with you.

Day Training For Stronger Leaders

Individual Manager Mastery Course

Merger Management Optimization

Diversity Learning Workshop

Not investing in fixing these issues will hurt you & your company more over time.

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