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Relationships are everywhere. We have relationships at work, school, family, spouses, partners, dating and the most important one the one with ourself.

Relationships can be the best part of our life if we learn how to have them from a healthy and loving perspective. However, few people learn how to have a great relationship on purpose. Parents are doing the best they can, schools don't spend too much time on the topic, and then we grow into relationships and just try to figure it out as we go along.

Romantic relationships are the best when both people are feeling their best. Romantic relationships are a playground or lab for learning so many things about ourselves. In any close relationship you will feel a mirror is being held up to you. You will see all the good, not-so-good, and needs improvement parts of you.

When the not-so-good parts of us are highlighted, either by our significant other or we happen to brave it out and see it ourselves, this is when many couples begin to argue, feel disconnected, and suffer intimacy & communication break downs. Many couples will choose to either break up, run and avoid themselves and the partner, or some will try to muscle it out and stay while being unhappy.

Breakdowns like this are a great opportunity for couples that are wanting to be stronger individually and together. This is a crossroad where you get to decide to grow into the relationship you really want or you can start all over somewhere else.

A word of caution, however: If you decide to leave instead of grow You will be taking your suitcase nicely packed with all of your past and present baggage... and you will most likely unpack it with the your other relationships.

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