Relationships can be the best part of our life if we learn how to have one from a healthy and loving perspective.  However, few people learn how to have a great relationship with themselves or even know what it feels like to be happy, loved and satisfied without yourself. 

Most of us receive the well intended parental attempt at creating a foundation for self esteem.  However, what we end up learning is how to rely on the external world for validation leaving us to our own devices to figure out the world of relationships.   Ever wonder why we have so many self-help books on self-esteem, confidence, self love and relationship issues? The answer is because we do not know how to achieve these feelings on our own without external assistance.

What most of us are conditioned to experience in regards to a relationship with self is a reaction-based world. We are taught to react or respond to external stimuli for self worth, love and validation. Our reactions become based on our level of success, impressing our parents, friends, co-workers or boss, making someone proud of us, earning more or accomplishing more.

This is all in an attempt to feel better about self instead of learning how to be great at being ourselves without any person or action to assist us.  Most of us grow up and begin experiencing relationships at home, school, work and then the romantic relationships begin. With very few tools, we enter into the dating world looking for the “right one” without knowing how to become the “right one” to give ourselves a running start to enter into a healthy, loving and happy relationship.

 How can I help? I specialize in working with all relationship issues. Whether you are single, married, engaged, dating or want to work on yourself now or to be ready for the relationship of your dreams, my work is focused on helping people find the love and happiness they have been seeking for their whole life.


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