Parenting Teens and Your Reactions

For some, parenting teens can be exhausting and frustrating at times.  Many times you can find yourself drained of energy and feel like you’ve tried it all to no avail.  This is a danger zone to get into as a parent.  Some parents may be tempted to feel like they want to quit on their kids, become resentful, angry, snippy, becoming an investigator, a hovering parent or just feel like they don’t like their kids but still love them.  If you notice you are reaching these emotions as a parent catch this energy you are building and change it.  This is a difficult task for most people to learn how to change what they are feeling.  If as a parent you can challenge yourself to focus on how you react to your teen or those around you, don’t forget your teen is watching how you behave all the time.  You can lead a healthy example for your teen so they too can learn how to cope with emotions and frustrations in their life.

There are couple of ways you can try to refocus that energy or emotions. 

1. Change what you are doing.

Whether you go for a walk, a yoga class, listen to your favorite music, cook, garden or go walk the dog “doing” something active with your body increases the energy into positive energy into your body and increases the positive emotions.

2. Change what you are thinking about.

We can focus on whatever we choose at any given time.  If you think about a specific thing daily without giving it any direction, those thoughts will consume your you, your energy and your mood.  If you are thinking about something either choose to think of something else, reframe what you are thinking about or shelve the thoughts to a specific time of day so you can give them their own time.  Carrying the thoughts all day long with you are not helpful to you or those around you.

We may not always have control over what happens in our life, but we always have a choice on how to react to issues, topics or thoughts in our life!