Relationship Warning Signs It May Be Over-But Hope Is Right Here

Here is another article I am cited in as an expert in couples therapy in  In this article I contribute to some warning signs you can look for that indicate your relationship may need help or may be over.   These are “warning signs” not doom and gloom its ready to give up signs.  It is important to be aware and stay awake in your relationship so that you can see shifts and changes as a couple.  Too many couples put themselves on auto pilot thinking they are good and before they know it they are not.  Years go by and things can become stale or just not work anymore.  Being aware is the best thing you can do as a couple so you can begin to address the issues you are spotting in your relationship.  As a couples therapist I work with many couples who come to see me thinking its just over.  If you are ready to have the relationship you have always wanted and you are both willing, then stop waiting and give me a call today! I will hold the hope for your relationship until you are ready.