What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is very similar to a face to face in office visit with me. Except you choose where we meet using your computer or cell phone. Via a secure and HIPPA compliant platform called Doxyme.com we meet face to face and have our sessions there.

Who is a good candidate for teletherapy?

So you want to attend therapy but dread the idea of taking time off from work, or making an appointment after work to sit in traffic then find parking or you may live internationally now.  Perhaps you have young babies at home and can't find a sitter, or you want couples counseling and you each live in a different city.   Teletherapy might be the answer for you. 
Teletherapy is good for most people that are not in life threatening situations or at risk for suicidal attempts.   

• Expats living abroad or couples in different cities ( I can connect the three of us together).
• For people with busy schedules, can't find a babysitter, or an option to when your not feeling well.
• Individuals who don’t want to leave their home or work place due to anxiety or stress.
• Individuals who want to feel safe in their own space when talking about personal issues.
• I work with couples/relationship issues, inappropriate workplace behaviors, anger management, stress management and communication issues.

How does a first session work with Teltherapy?
You just call or email me so we can set up a time to meet online.  I email you new client paperwork to fill out ahead of time and you send it back to me.  Once I receive your paperwork back I send you a link that you click on at our appointment time (without having to subscribe to anything).  When you arrive at that page I send you, just sign your first name and the system lets me know you are waiting for me in the waiting room and I will come and greet you..its that simple. 
Will our session be secure?
Confidentiality is always a question or concern, I use a HIPAA compliant platform (similar to skype) but is only for medical/healing professionals.  While nothing is 100 percent secure neither is the chance of someone see you come in or out of my office for services. 
Psychotherapist who perform teletherapy by law must be licensed in the state you reside in.  Currently I am licensed in both California and Illinois but there are a few other exceptions.  Feel free to drop me a line and ask.   
Is Teletherapy as effective as in person?  
Most of my clients say after the first few minutes they forget they are not in an office in person with me and find the teletherapy just as effective as an in office counseling appointment.  When I work with my clients online, there are many facial features and body language that I do pick up on.      

What happens at the first session in teletherapy?

Before we meet online, I will send you a packet of consent and history to sign and email back to me so we can get started.

• You do not have to subscribe to anything to get starting I just send you an email with a link to click on at your appointment time.
• Our first session will be me getting to know you and hearing what issues your would like my help on.
• We will make a plan together on how often to meet and what goals we will talk about at each session.